It was expected. Detractors of Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party were only waiting for the party to come into power in order to find valid reasons to pull it down. And the manner in which this has happened – with the AAP and Congress coming together – has been criticised further.

But as Arvind begins attending office as Delhi chief minister and tries to find solutions for some aam aadmi issue every day (also comments on issues like Kashmir), he is being severely criticised on Twitter. The man who came into power by criticising others for corruption is now in under the scanner every minute of his life. Let’s see how he takes to it, but here’s what the aam aadmi of India is saying about him:

Paglu Gabbar@PagluGabbar

Congress AAP are enjoying Foreplay #RamdevNaMo



Lata Varma@Lata_MV

Congress theatre co.has found a new actor #Arvind Kejriwal for their next season.N this nation with endless appetite for B’wood is lovin it!




Day 10 as CM and anti corruption crusader is silent on Delhi Lokayukta’s & Shunglu panel report on Sheila? Why?





Aam Aadmi takes on , and obviously topi wearing clowns fumble for answers on the Arvind Kejriwal nautanki



Arvind Kejriwal is more dangerous than congress. This is a big game plan of congress to keep BJP out of power in…

7 lac Kashmiri Pandit’s want to know what’s s reaction on Prashant Bhushans anti national statement in Kashmir?


People often confuse reactions with movements – Jayprakash Narayan was a movement; Arvind Kejriwal is a reaction.


Strange that media is endorsing a political party which is yet to make its stand clear on various issues of national importance.


Paglu Gabbar@PagluGabbar

AAP is biggest ChutiyaPaa in recent times


We condemn double speak of “.” Before election he had proof of corruption against congress leaders and now asking proof!!!!