Couples selfies on social media is a common seen. However, one particular selfie has been haunting people of the social media, and it will leave you very confused. The selfie posted by the Twitter user, Andy (@extracis) looks adorable at first glance and is terrifying at the second glance! The user poster this picture well aware of the consequences and managed to scare everyone on Twitter. The picture has Andy posing with his girlfriend with a cute caption, “I love my girlfriend even if shes a Gemini.” Most people took this as a normal thing as Geminis are mostly hated by the majority of other people on the social media and are often called unfaithful! 

The caption was a giveaway to what is wrong with the picture. Andy took the picture with his girlfriend with a mirror in the background and while the selfie looks adorable, looking into the mirror behind will freak you out. The selfie clearly shows the face or Andy as his girl, however, in a turn of freakish affairs, the mirror also shows Andy’s girlfriend’s face and people cannot stop retweeting it. While the entire episode was a joke by Andy who gave a literal representation of the zodiac sign, Gemini, people have been reacting in the most bizarre ways to this picture.

The Freakish picture that started it all!

People trying to understand the situation like

Satan references were made

But baby what is you doing?

This is terrifying my dear officer

The message is also hidden

Nope not today!

And then the explanation was given!

While the entire episode was weird, the explanation was always coded in Andy’s caption. Gemini is known as the two faced zodiac sign and they are sometimes interpreted as two faced people as well! However, at the end of the day, it was a winning day for meme lovers who got some of the most innovative and hilarious results out of this creepy situation. While we all agree with the explanation and understand that the image was doctored, we cannot help but marvel at the beautiful work of art! But overall it was just another entertaining day on Twitter!