Fashion is definitely unpredictable, clothes and accessories that did not have the slightest chance of making into vogue are today the trendiest thing ever. But here is something that you never thought would be ever in craze among woman- a crotch charm, yes you read it right! The latest fashion trend is a crotch charm that has already become a rage among women. The accessory is to be worn with a swimsuit while it can also be paired with other clothes. The most bizarre accessory called Beachtail is being sold by a Japanese company BoDivas which describes it as ‘sexy charms for bikini crotch’.

The intimate jewellery is a metallic chain with stones attached on each end. It is supposed to be worn through the crotch of bikini bottoms. The gems hang down from each side of the person’s legs while the stones sparkle as they walk. It is made of stainless steel and is about 4cm long and is priced at 19 USD. According to the company, the ‘classy’ and ‘very original’ jewellery can be worn with “panties, thongs, tanga, and shorts” and comes in colors of black, red and turquoise. Ta-Ta Towels to Stop Boob Sweat is a Reality: Bra Towels is Perfect Gift for Women with Big Breasts (See Pictures)

Besides Beachtail, the company sells intimate sexual body jewellery including nipple accessories, and an accessory called the Ladies Clip. The company defines it as a ‘fashion strap’ and is also available on online shopping websites like Amazon and Etsy. However, Bodivas does not promise any sort of comfort level after wearing it. While it states the accessory to be fashionable there is no mention about its hazards. (Edited by Nithya Nair)