At first, eating cupcakes for dinner may sound silly to many. But what if you were convinced by a three-year-old articulate kid on the same? After watching a video of the kid talking to his mother, you would probably see his side of the argument more!

The video of Mateo, a toddler, engaged in an animated argument with his mother has reached the internet, and as expected, assumed worldwide proportions and has become the latest sensation on the internet. The viral clip is just two minutes and 36 seconds long, but shows the kid emphatically telling his mother why he should have dessert for dinner.

The mainstay of the clip is little Mateo reasoning systematically with his mother, using hand gestures and even calling her by her first name during his now much-watched explanation.

He starts off his seemingly well-planned argument by telling his mother that he did not need to eat his dinner because he had already finished having lunch. Instead, he said that eating the cupcakes that he found in his grandmother’s house would be just fine. When his mother turned down his request, he tried to call his grandmother. But his mother scolded him for avoiding what she said, which also led to a discussion on disciplining him and his brother, Kevin.

The video was first aired on Youtube in mid-February, and has had almost 1.3 million views and counting. Mateo’s voice can be hard to understand for the most part, due to the fact that he was speaking relatively fast, in addition to using a lot of ‘kid-speak’, or speaking in a manner that involves using words in sentences in a unique way that most kids do.

What makes this video especially worth watching, is Mateo’s behavior. While arguing with his mother, he does not shout but reasons like an adult. He makes gestures that include closing his eyes and putting his hands on his hips. He also keeps calling his mother by her first name, and says “Listen, listen, listen Linda” when she tries to turn him down.  At one point, he even tells her “Linda, honey, honey, look at this.” This was a hilarious example of how kids try to imitate whatever their parents say or do, as this would usually be something Mateo’s father would say to his mother.

Mateo’s mother, Linda Beltran, a customer support representative for, said that he learned the names of his parents when they visited a theme park. A boy was lost there and did not know his parents’ names, so the Beltrans taught Mateo and his brother their names.

Beltran said that she felt the action made Mateo feel a little empowered. She added that usually he referred to them as Mommy and Daddy, but when he was serious about what he was saying and wanted to be convinced of their attention, he would call them by their first names, Linda and Kenneth.

Mateo’s mother describes him as an old soul, who is ready to voice his opinion in the case of an argument. She also says that he was not being disrespectful, but just engaging in healthy debate which she encouraged as well.

All in all, articulate kids are adorable. But this one, who makes sure his voice is heard in a cupcake debate, is worthy of viral attention.

Watch the video here: