Parents have always uploaded video clips of their kids being adorable, and viewers have loved these. But one parent decided to give his kid something to remember.

Little James always loved stories of those of save the day. His playtime consisted of role-playing these characters. So his father, Daniel Hashimoto, decided to do something that would make his day. Little did the animator know that his work would make the day of viewers all over the world, as well!

31 year old Hashimoto created a series of mini-action movies, around ten seconds in length each, starring his three year old son. The little guy is given superpowers and incredible abilities, courtesy of special effects. This concept came to Hashimoto, who was a compositor at Dreamworks Animation – he simply wished to make his son’s imaginary world a reality.

On an average, Hashimoto spent about three hours editing each video, but some clips were more complicated and took around three days to finish editing. However, the doting father possessed his work skills, which helped him transform James into a superhero in a series of twelve videos posted on his Youtube account, titled Action Movie Kid. These have all assumed viral proportions, collectively attracting more than a million views. The comments on the videos praise his skills and what he did for his son.

The videos show the little boy possessing gadgets like a lightsaber, which he then uses to destroy a toy store. He also is shown to disappear inside a puddle, and uses a Lego gun to blast a sofa apart. James even visits the play area in McDonald’s where he is shown to transform the climbing frame into a rocket, and ascend into space. There is another video where he is shown to fire himself to the ceiling, and using a toy bazooka gun.

Hashimoto has been an effects artist with DreamWorks Animation for about a decade, working on movies such as How to Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda 2 as a member of the animation teams.

The proud father said that his son would routinely get into situations that reminded him of the adventures in life that can be created. Hashimoto hoped that as James got older, he would enable the creation of more exciting action sequences.

Hashimoto also said when his son played a game, it was based on pure imagination – and the videos looked extremely real to James due to his young age. He also added, “James doesn’t watch TV or movies very much. We play tons of games with him throughout the day.”

All in all, the videos are a dream come true for little James, and proof that he has one of the coolest dads around. The boy was astounded when he saw the videos starring him, and asked his amused father, “Did I really do that for realsies?”