We have been hearing about and seeing in pictures the body transformation of Aamir Khan for his film Dangal. But now a new making video of Dangal is out that shows the complete transformation of the Bollywood superstar from ‘Fat To Fit’ – fat because he had decided to put on weight for his film rather than wear a bodysuit that would look uncomfortable. Aamir Khan started putting on weight to shoot the older version of his character, wrestler Mahavir Phogat on whose life the film is based. Aamir’s reason for it was – if he puts on weight first, he will be motivated enough to lose it for the remaining part of the shoot and also for himself. Or else, he will remain fat forever. That would surely have been the end of Aamir Khan’s career as a hero, and so, wise decision, Aamir!

On his birthday this year, Aamir Khan as usual met up with the media but he was looking so slim and with a sexy moustache and stubble! The actor had drastically lost weight in a special training session in US, where shed the kilos by the dozen in a rigorous month-long schedule that could actually be bad for health, he said. To play the younger version of the celebrated wrestler who trained his daughters to be champion wrestlers themselves, Aamir Khan went from 90-95 kg for the older Mahavir Phogat to 70-75 kg for the younger man. The dedication of this actor to the characters he plays has always been unmatched! Look at how he looked in 3 Idiots (college student) and then in Ghajini (first lean then muscular), some of his recent films. And no less in Dangal!

Take a look at these visuals of Aamir Khan training for Dangal – first to be fat and then to be fit – and then watch the actor speak about the challenges he faced in the video! ALSO SEE: Aamir Khan rejects Vaani Kapoor for Thugs of Hindostan! Here are Top 3 areas of improvement for the Befikre actress

Aamir Khan Dangal 1

Aamir Khan Dangal 3

Aamir Khan Dangal 7

Aamir Khan Dangal 4

Aamir Khan Dangal 12

Aamir Khan Dangal 10

Aamir Khan Dangal 0

Aamir Khan Dangal 14

Aamir Khan Dangal 15

Aamir Khan Dangal abs 3

Aamir’s trainers Rahul Bhat and Rakesh Udiyar also speak about his dedication to the cause. The actor also took the help of Dr Nikhil Durandhar, a nutritionist who specialises in obesity. It is good to see the actor involve his family in the process, whether it is his actor nephew Imran Khan or his wife Kiran Rao and little son Azad Rao Khan. Watch video!

Dangal releases on December 23, 2016, and we can’t wait to watch it now!