Fame can always do someone in. It’s a powerful weapon. Some can handle it while others can’t! But David Beckham who definitely can handle fame, just wishes to tone it down a bit. How? By sneaking around incognito travelling in the common London black taxi! (Read: ‘Vampire fish’ keeps David Beckham from swimming in Amazon river)

The retired football icon who has four children with Victoria Beckham, is believed to have been shopping for an iconic London black taxi as he hopes the vehicle would help him blend in amongst other motorists. It’s certain that David Beckham loves his fans, and always tries to make time for them, but sometimes he would want to keep a low profile so he can enjoy the small things in life. Like piece of mind. (Read: Richest English footballers in the EPL and their cars)

The former Manchester United star who is considered one of the richest faces in the football world, has a number of cars to drive! He also boasts a great bike collection. Not sure if the London taxi would make him anymore appealing to his female fans but a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.