Dreams are our inner desires. This is what people say. But is it true? Most of us have had dreams where we are fantasizing about someone or a dream that is rich in sexual content. Dr. Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalytical Therapist at VIMHANS Hospital, Delhi helps to decodethesedreams to help us understand our subconscious and ourselves better.

 Dreaming of Infidelity: Many a times you dream that either you or your partner is having sex with someone else. This generally signifies a feeling of neglect, abandonment or anger in the relationship. You may feel that your partner is not giving you attention or love and hence the dream is an expresses either of you being abandoned by your better half or getting the need fulfilled by someone else.

Dreaming of Friend:  Are you just a ‘ good friend’ with someone whom you are getting naughty with during your sleep? If yes, then this may indicate that you are not acknowledging your romantic love for the person consciously but deep down this person is very special for you.

Dreaming of Closeness: In some dreams you see yourself having sex with someone with whom you feel very emotional. There is nothing sexual about these dreams. These usually reflect a need for having a deep emotional bond and supportive relationship with someone.

Dreaming of Sexual Assault: This is the worst nightmare one could have. The dreams of being sexually assaulted or raped usually symbolise traumatic experiences. If you feel controlled, threatened, bullied, or ridiculed by someone there are chances that they may figure in your dream as a rapist.

Dreaming of an Ex: Many people continue to dream their ex even when they are over the person and are committed to some one else. Do not get worked up, this isn’t because you want your ex back. Our unconscious mind never forgets those moments. It cherishes all relationships we have had and replays them based on our internal mood states.