Right now, the life of Indians is divided between the periods of ‘Before Demonetisation’ and ‘After Demonetisation’! This is no joke but the reality. Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced demonetisation and the old currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 were made illegal since the midnight of November 8, 2016, the citizens are in a scurry. For the poor and common man, every day since then has been spent in standing in queues at the banks and post offices to exchange old notes and then withdraw some money from the bank or the automated teller machines (ATMs). To add to the woes, the money being given in exchange or at most ATMs is in the form of new notes of Rs 2000 or Rs 500, which means the aam aadmi does not have change of Rs 100 or lesser to buy basic daily needs or even a bus ticket.

In such a situation, some lives have been lost – especially those of the people standing in the serpentine queues. But one has not heard of any rich man with black money being affected by demonetisation – the real reason for it being the removal of black money from currency. As the woes are easing out a bit, the exchange of old notes has been stopped in banks. But the first 15 days post demonetisation have been extremely tough for bankers, with all of them working overtime and even on some weekends to fulfill the needs of people seeking small change – with the exchange and withdrawal limit being only Rs 4000 or less initially.

We don’t have much choice but to seek humour in the demonetisation phase of the country, which has been done for a better economy but the planning could definitely have been better. So, this funny video on how bankers – or bank tellers – behaved before demonetisation and how they are after it, is just in jest. We laughed at it, but we thank them with our heart for helping us during the shortage of currency! ALSO READ: Rock On 2 box office: Demonetisation affects Farhan Akhtar film

Watch the Screen Patti video here!