The disturbingly hilarious prank is all part of a marketing stunt for the upcoming film, Devil’s Due which will release on 17th January 2014. The prank includes a robotic baby that has the blinds of the pram pulled over it. The pram itself can be remotely moved like a remote controlled car and moves along sidewalks and zebra-crossings to wait for unsuspecting people who are lured by the cries of a baby only to find a not very pleasant surprise.

The child is also capable of ‘puking’ and roams the streets of new York City terrorizing unsuspecting pedestrians who will definitely not forget the experience although they might not end up watching the film after such a scare.

The demonic cries of the baby and the mechanized pram chases people and even bugs the police while hidden cameramen record the amazing responses of shock and awe after realizing that they have been a victim of a horribly brilliant prank.

This is not the first such prank planned to create awareness and a little bit of scaring the people who see it or have been at the receiving end of the prank and we certainly don’t think that it will be the last.

Watch the video for experiencing the chills of the NY public.


Warning: The first scare might give you a start so we advise viewer discretion because this video might give you the chills for a few nights.