It is one year of marital bliss for Dimpy Ganguly and her husband, Rohit Roy. The former Bigg Boss contestant tied the knot with her good friend and Dubai-based businessman on November 27 in 2015. To mark her first marriage anniversary, Dimpy shared adorable pictures on Instagram. The much-in-love couple is also proud parents of a baby daughter, Reanna born in June earlier this year.

Dimpy gained an instant recognition with her appearance on Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, a spinoff of US TV series The Bachelor where she married Rahul Mahajan, son of former union cabinet minister Pramod Mahajan. But the five years of their alliance was marred with Dimpy accusing Rahul of domestic violence and the couple getting divorced in 2015. Dimpy found solace and true love in her good friend, Rohit Roy. Their relationship came to light when the Bong made regular visits to Dubai and tagged Rohit as her BFF. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss season 8 contestant Dimpy Ganguly married her Dubai-based businessman fiance Rohit Roy (View Pics)

Dimpy and Rohit’s story will restore your faith in love. Her failed previous marriage did not cast its ugly shadow on her current relationship with Rohit. Right from the super adorable proposal with a diamond ring from Tiffany & Co. to actively supporting his wife, Rohit exhibited all qualities of the best husband. One can remember the time when he stood by Dimpy when she was trolled on the Internet for getting pregnant before marriage. Dimpy had given birth to her first child with Rohit, Reanne in June 2016; seven months after she got married in November 2015. Not the one to stay quiet, Rohit defended his wife against hateful comments and also gave a piece of minds to miscreants.

To make her one year marriage anniversary, Dimpy Ganguly shared a series of dreamy photographs from her wedding album. Taking back in time, Dimpy has done a fantastic job with the super romantic captions in form of the wedding vows. Take a look at the pictures that will make you swoon.

1. She pouts, she cries ..he looks, he smiles

For better or for worse…

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2. The King and Queen of Selfies

For richer or for poorer…

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3. Aww-dorable

In sickness and in health…

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4. Cute mushy chemistry you just can’t ignore

Happy 1st my love !

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5. Champagne guzzling couple

In good times and bad times…

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6. Together Forever

Till death do us part..

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We cannot stop awing over the love story of Dimpy Ganguly and Rohit Roy. This series of anniversary pictures is only making us fall in love with DiRo (no points for guessing this super mushy acronym) more. We wish more years of happiness to this super adorable couple.