Donald Trump held a press conference for the first since his surprising victory in 2016 presidential election. The press conference, which lasted for more than one hour has been hyped a lot was live-streamed by various news agencies. The President-elect of United States finally addressed some questions that have been troubling millions of American citizens ever since the US election results were out on November 9, 2016. Donald Trump faced many questions at the press conference but revealed very less about his plans for the oval office. ALSO READ: ‘You Are Fake News!’: Donald Trump tells CNN reporter during presser

Donald Trump addressed the media and answered various questions ranging from his plans for the Trump empire to the famous wall that he promised to build against Mexico. The Republican politician stated that his empire would be handled by a trust which is headed by his sons, Donald Trump Jr., Barron Trump and Eric Trump. The President-elect along with the selected Vice President, Mike Pence criticised the media for their methods of reporting. Twitter was flooded with various opinions on this important press conference, and many Americans couldn’t help but regret the drastic change that the country and its political press conferences have undergone.

Less than twenty-four hours ago, Barack Obama gave his formal farewell speech which made millions around the world teary eyed. And now stood, Donald Trump,  who did try his very best to answer some fundamental questions. However, the President-elect ended the conference when questions on Russia contacting his campaign team began surfacing.

Trump also said that Russia might be behind the US elections hacking. However, when more questions on this issue began to probe, the president-elect announced that the time of the conference had ended.

Donald Trump ended the press conference with a confident phrase where he said that he hoped his sons took care of his business for the coming eight years that he will be the president. He went on to warn them that if they did not handle the business well he would look into their eyes and say, “you’re fired”.

Democrats and liberals have been criticising this press conference openly on social media. Netizens have been trolling the US President-elect, Donald Trump for his limited vocabulary as well as the lack of informative answers. However, many Republicans are all praises for their idol and are trying to wash away the hate that has taken over the cyber space.