Google has planned a fleet of driverless cars! Yes, you heard it right, no steering wheels, no gears and clutches, and no brakes! Just press ‘go’ to drive and the ‘stop’ button to stop the car. This is the Google’s newest vision for the future of driver less cars. The compact bubble shaped electric vehicle challenges the contemporary model of any car!

Google says by next year there will be 100 prototypes available on road. The two-seater, for now will be built to speed at 25 mph. The test drive version has a steering wheel and pedals so as to oblige the California regulations. To reduce the risk of injuring pedestrians in case of a crash, the front of the car will be made of a foam-like material and the windshield will be made of plastic instead of glass. As an added precaution, the prototype will also top out at 25 mph.

Google is not new to self-driving car technology, and its software systems have been used on Toyota Priuses and Lexus models. Also, Google engineer Sebastian Thrun developed a robotic vehicle, Stanley, which won a $2 million prize from the U.S. Department of Defense.

Watch video below of Google’s plans for a Driverless Car!