Before you dismiss this to be ‘fake news’ let us clarify that this is quite a real one. Ecstasy pills in the shape of the Donald Trump containing high levels of MDMA are flooding the market in the United Kingdom. The pills colored in pink and orange have dangerous levels of the substance. A website is offering 1,000 of the pills for a little above Rs 1 lakh with a tagline ‘Trump makes partying great again’. The tablets are moulded to look like the President’s head and face. As per reports, the Class A pills in the color of orange and pink have 220 mg of MDMA.

As per a Daily Star report, some described it as, ‘Quality orange Donald Trump tablets’ while others said ‘Very nice press, really detailed. Somone else said that ‘these pills will blow your head off.’  The reports state that an underworld source said that the pills are being smuggled into the UK in bulk ‘because they will sell like hot cakes’. The source was quoted saying, “There are so many pills about these days with so many different names and brands to attract punters. It’s getting to be a game of ‘who’s got the coolest pill? I know for a fact the Donald Trumps are very popular because of who he is. Who’d have thought you can get an E in the shape of the US president? Well, you can. And they are here. They’re going for about £8 a pill or £20 for three.” Alarm over use of ‘highly destructive’ drugs by Hyderabad students

Ecstasy tablets

The news of tablets come at a time after police sent out a public health warning after many were admitted due to the intake of ‘Ikea’ ecstasy tablets. An 18-year-old had died due to the overdose of the tablets. Police had also made three arrests around Jersey and seized a quantity of the drugs. The pills in the color of blue and yellow were embedded with a logo of Swedish furniture giant, Ikea. Police had said that the tablets were ‘much stronger than expected’. (Image- Daily Star)