On July 29 this year, Muslims all round the globe will celebrate Eid. It is a three-day celebration in which proper customs and rituals are followed. Eid-ul-Fitr is the one of the most holy festivals celebrated by Muslims after Ramadan – a month of fasting and prayers. The observation of Ramadan or Ramazan marks the anniversary of the Quran being revealed to Prophet Mohammed.

The fasting process starts from sunrise and lasts until sunset. It is assumed that devotees are closer to God during Ramadan.

The whole month is considered to be auspicious and holy. Now as it’s coming to an end, hardly a day of fasting remains. The end of Ramazan may bring some anxiety to Muslims as some observers will miss the period of penance. Apart from this there is a sort of happiness also of celebrating Eid.

Eid is a day of celebration, worship, meeting loved ones, giving Edi to children, cooking and having delicious food. Some of the basic but most important rituals on Eid are: Giving zakat (charity), attending Eid prayers, and helping the poor and needy. Ramadan is not just about fasting the whole day. It involves belief, worship, donating, pilgrimage to Mecca – the five important pillars.

How are you getting ready for the Eid celebrations? Let us know in the comments below! Eid Mubarak!