Eternal love: Widower travels 100 miles in 30 days

You might have known about dog being man’s loyal friend and incidents where in the dog visits the deceased owners last place where they have been together, be it a train station like the story of Hachiko , a dog of Akita breed in Japan. He was born in 1923 and a year later brought to Tokyo by his owner. He kept going to Shibuya Station as a daily routine with his master when he went to work at a university. But then one day the master suffered from a stroke at the University and never came back. But day after day exactly at 4o’clock Hachiko used to arrive at the train station hoping to see his master back from work. He became a national sensation and a bronze statue was made as a symbol of his loyalty. Dogs love us unconditionally is a known fact ,but when a person goes out of his way to grieve and devote immense love for their beloved is different to what is expected these days!

Such is the story of Franco Gorno, 86 year old widower .This grieving person has touched the hearts of many strangers in a way while grieving for his beloved. He travels 100 miles every month to leave flowers in memory of his deceased wife Joan.

He goes to a bust stop in Cardiff, this is the place where the couple had met for the first time, during a blind date in 1950.But every time he goes back there, he turns back time 64 years ago. Franco has been heartbroken since his wife passed away last year.

He leaves a flower bouquet and a note every time he visits the bus stop. Every time he visits the passerby’s get very emotional experiencing his devotion and his everlasting love. His love for Joan is the most beautiful and enigmatic experience in his whole life and being 86 years old doesn’t stop him to express his outlasting love.

The recent note along with a bunch of purple tulips read:“Joan, my beloved, passed away on 9-3-2013 and broke my heart forever! Rest in peace my darling. I’ll see you soon; I’ll be 87 soon so I will not be long… God Bless.”

As they say ‘Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. Love still stands when all else has fallen.’ No matter how hard has her death given him heartache, his love for her leaves a memory that no one could steal from him. Such an eternally evoked love story should last for eternity.