Facebook copyFacebook turned 10 years old and it allowed you to check a montage of your first profile picture and the most well received images and posts that you posted and shared with a very subtle video which brought back a rush of emotions. It was like flicking through an old photo album when you stop at many photographs while you feel nostalgic as you remember the context to the photograph and what led to that photograph being clicked.

Every other person on the planet was posting their Facebook movies to share and view so that we can get a quick recap of our journey since we joined Facebook. But pranksters will always be pranksters and ‘rkvcviews’ has posted a video (probably their own Facebook movie) mocking the video with utter frankness and in-your-face comments about what Facebook should have written along with the photographs had there been no legal ramifications for being judgmental.

If you are also sick and tired of scrolling through your Facebook feed with people posting their Facebook movies then check out this video.