The people friendly and highly popular social networking site is no more as it used to be, it is assembling new changes. These people are constantly working day and night to make Facebook Platform a better experience and in turn a great place for us to build awesome things. But some of the recent changes are not so awesome. It’s rolling out the features over time, not to everyone at once it could create sticky situations for its users.

In terms of new Facebook features, the one that’s causing this uproar is pretty small. It’s no Timeline or News Feed redesign. But it is creating more ruckus than the ‘last seen’ feature from Whatsapp. It’s merely a few words added to the messaging interface ‘Your message has been seen’. But to many, this tiny addition is a massive invasion of privacy.

Here are some of the spooky changes which shouldn’t have been considered by the social networking site to bring into being.

Your message has been ‘Seen’

Facebook users no longer feel that they can ignore people on purpose. Because of the new feature enables the person in the conversation to know that the message sent by them is ‘seen ’and if they do not get the anticipated reply, that person will know they’re ignoring them. Not only that, but the ignorees, now have to sit there, staring at their pc or phone, wondering why nobody wants to respond to messages that they’ve clearly read.

The comment underwent edition

Why the hell would anyone like to see the errors and the last minute alteration the  made by the commenter. Why don’t these people let us use our wild imagination and our creative, artistic and intellectual  best while  making our point out in the world and then also reveal the alteration made prior to the ultimately masterpiece comment.

See you highlights of 2013

Why oh why would you do this to us? This is not just a mere invasion of privacy but rather devastating than ever. The whole going through the milestones of our life and going through a lot of ups and down from ‘single’ to ‘it’s complicated’ to ‘in an open relationship’, which is all rather a manipulated status by a very loyal friend who gets the creeps when he/she sees an account open to use. Also to mention the underappreciated status about some events that nobody could bother caring, the highlight function rakes through it all and makes a mockery out of it.

What are you doing? What are you feeling?

This feature has made status completion easy with providing a new fill in the blanks option of what are you doing? Reading? Travelling to? Watching? Listening to? Eating? Playing? drinking? And also a stock pile of emotions like feeling happy, sad, excited, amused ,meh, blah ,duh what not. Why would we want to know all the details including when are you yawning, burping and god knows what all you are doing and while you are at it why do you feel the need to brag about it. This feature is rather annoying than making things simpler and making the status up loader a lazy ass.

Add a life event

This feature discreetly puts up our experience no matter how human hearted the action was or heart breaking or mere boisterous activity treats it all the same. ‘Your first kiss ’, ’donation of organ’, ‘sacked from job’, ‘got engaged’ each and every life event is treated the same underappreciated stickered announcement in contrast to the range of pursuits and sentiments.

By Priya Prakashan