It is no hidden fact that China loves everything to be spectacular – grand buildings, record great highways or just about anything. And once again with their latest creation, they have left the world stunned. Farmers in Shenyang, Liaoning province in China turned into artists to create mind-blowing masterpieces. Now, if you’re wondering where they created their artwork, don’t overthink. Rice paddies served as perfect platforms for the farmers to build amazing 3D paintings which included elephant, dragons, butterflies and livestock. The carefully intricate designs on rice fields will leave anyone stunned.

Drawing murals is a common practice in China, but when farmers in the north-eastern Liaoning province decided to show up their artwork, it left many stunned. Making use of different colours and varieties of rice saplings in order to bring out the 3D effect, farmers have taken the paddy artworks to the next level. They also brought in the use of new technology to control the correct height of each plant to mimic the 3D effect to its best. The designs are best seen from an elevated height.

If you’re wondering about who are these farmers cum artists and why do they take so much of effort in making such elaborate paddy artworks, go on reading. These farmers are the Xibo farmers, an ethnic Chinese group who create such amazing patterns on rice paddy fields as a part of an annual tradition. This is also a way of praying for blessings as well as attract more tourists to the rice field that also serves as a part of a theme park in Shenyang city.

China Rice Paddies

While previous year, they created 13 artworks featuring different themes of places, animals, and people. This year, Xibo farmers have produced 15 stunning 3D designs in magnificent 25 acres of land dedicated to each pattern. This year we got to see patterns that of an elephant, dragon, butterflies and a lady.


The farmers have in the past erected drawings of the famous Three Billy Goats Gruff, A majestic boat riding a glistening wave, an iconic image of Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe in her famous billowing white dress, two lovers, dog, elephant, a man riding a donkey and more.

China Rice Paddies dragon

It takes months of planning and beautiful execution for such breathtaking results. The pattern designs are decided upon and sketched early in the year, followed by the plantation of the rice. Gradually, the beautiful creations emerge from the water-logged beds. In 2012, the city set the record for ‘largest rice paddy work ever made,’ with a design called ‘Qixinglongteng.’ It is truly one of the most wonderful creations, an admirable gift from the people of China to the world.