Every girl is no less than a princess for her father. No matter how old they’re, for dads, they’ll always be the little girls. On the occasion of Father’s Day 2017, favourite actresses of Indian television spoke about their lovely dads and how they feel proud of being a daughter to the best father in the world. Father’s Day which is celebrated on the third Sunday of the month of June falls on June 18 this year. The special day for dads needs to be made memorable, and it is every child’s duty to light up his face with a broad smile. Actresses such as Niti Taylor, Tanya Sharma, Lopamudra Raut, Shubhangi Atre, Yuvika Chaudhary and others share beautiful narratives of what their fathers meant to them and their lovely claims of being their dad’s girl! Best Father’s Day Songs: Papa Mere Papa to Daddy Cool, wish Happy Father’s Day 2017 with these 9 Bollywood Hindi Songs.

Niti Taylor: I’m my dad’s princess! When I was small, they say mummy dresses you up and makes your hair. My case was different, dad used to dress me up, Comb my hair, make different hairstyles for me, drop me to school, make food. My childhood and memories now are the most cutest with him. He’s my number 1 fan, doesn’t miss even one episode of anything I do. Even if he’s busy, he will record it. When I go to Delhi, it’s like he will tell everyone my daughter is coming, so then so many people come to meet me. My dad is the best. And I miss him a lot. Thank you, Dad, for being you and loving me immensely.

Roshni Sahota: I am my dad’s girl. He is my one of the biggest strength. He believes in me and my dreams and let me allow to fulfil it. He taught me to have patience in extreme and to believe in yourself no matter how hard the situation is!

Tanya Sharma: I’m my Dad’s girl. He is my biggest support! I wish if I could get that kind of patience in my life what he has. He has always been a friend to me, and I can totally talk anything with him. When is Father’s Day 2017: Date and theme of this year’s Father’s Day, Significance & History of the celebration?

Lopamudra Raut: I am my dad’s princess. He has given me anything to everything I have asked for. He has been the most interesting, brave and knowledgeable person I have ever known. He had made me strong women I’m today!

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Sayantani Ghosh: I’m my daddy’s doll. I look up to him and get so much influenced by him. He is the backbone of our family. His patience and perseverance are the two qualities that really inspires me, and he always tells me that hardwork is the only key to success.

Shubhangi Atre: I’m my dad’s princess. He is the one who trusted me and allowed me to live independently. He made me ambitious to achieve a successful life. He always encouraged me to be a learner and keep exploring new things in my life.

Sara Khan: I am my fathers’ girl, no matter what he never gave up on anything. He is the real hero for me for always working hard n making us proud. Happy Father’s Day 2017: Embarrassing #DadJokes that you laughed at are back with a bang.

Yuvika Chaudhary: I am my Daddy’s girl. I have always learned to be positive from him. He has asked me to keep smiling and never give up! I have always got strong values from him. He is honest and humble.

Roop Durgapal: I’m my daddy’s girl. He is my backbone even though we live in different cities. I know he is the one whom I can fall back on whenever I’m unwell.

Amrapali Gupta: I am my dad’s superstar! He was only the one who trusted me and helps me to step into acting and also accepted my choice Yash! He was the one to look after my upbringing and have taught me to never give up!

Mahika Sharma: I’m my dad’s girl! He taught me to be SelfLover, down to earth, care and value others. Fight for the right and be social. He is no more with me physically, but he is alive with his principles inside me. Father’s Day Quotes: 15 Best Famous & inspirational quotes to share on this Father’s Day 2017!

Parineeta Borthakur: I’m my dad’s girl! Whenever I close my eyes and think whom I love the most, I remember my dad. They say when I was born he ran away to get honey for me as someone told him that if he gives me honey, I’ll have a sweet voice and will be a good singer. He helps me to pursue self-styled life by me. He trusts me a lot!

Shalini Kapoor: I’m my dad’s girl! My father has been my silent supporter all throughout and comes in the forefront if I have really goofed up anytime. He has let me do the captaincy of my life without being too intruding. I thank him for this trait because of which i am so strong.

Sonalika Pradhan: I’m my dad’s girl. Yet people in my hometown calls me ‘Singh Sahab Ki beti’, and it makes me so happy I can’t explain. My dad is an inspiration to many. His helping, being social and selfless nature has always made him loved by all. He has taught me to never give up!