Aren’t you tired of the overload of technology on you? But now there’s something new that defies the round-the-clock connectivity rule of technology with you. This video shares with you an exclusive interview with fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga of the ‘Anrealage’ clothing brand, explaining the concept and the techniques behind Focus Life Gear.

Even though we are thankful of the fact that Internet and smartphones have made our life convenient, on the other hand we spend all the time in this virtual world ignoring the real one.

This new apparel gives you a choice to disconnect with the virtual world. The idea is to protect you from technology. The fabrication used in the clothing  is the one which is used for outdoor gear that protects you from wind and rain and this has been applied to this particular outfit to save us from the storm of overload of information.

The fabric contains materials that shield electromagnetic waves so the clothing shuts down all the radio waves and enables you to disconnect from your mobile devices so that you could live and experience the real world without the intrusions of the virtual one.

Check out the video below.