Back in February, it was Malayalam actress Priya Prakash Varrier on almost everyone’s screens. With just her wink, she became an overnight star and won the hearts of millions. But now, it seems, the Internet has moved on and set its eyes on a 24-year-old desi dentist. Theja Surapaneni, who recently appeared on the Australian game show Hard Quiz, is stealing the heart of many netizens with his charming looks and heart-melting smile. Theja who is a dentist and a resident of Melbourne, Australia, caught the web’s attention when the host of the show, comedian Tom Gleeson, pointed out that Theja had been the most attractive person to ever appear on the show. During the conversation, when asked if he had a girlfriend, Theja said: “No, I don’t have a girlfriend.” Soon after this reply, he’s been overwhelmed with a flood of friend requests on Facebook.

Shortly after the show aired, ABC, the channel that airs the quiz show, uploaded a clip of Theja’s introduction on Facebook. The clip went viral and has been shared more than 33,000 times and managed to gather 5.7 million views on various social media platforms.

Watch the viral video here:

The Melbourne-based dentist is surprised by the huge fanbase that he has gathered after becoming an overnight sensation. Some of the highlights of the madness can be seen through the tweets shared by his fans.

Take a took:

Theja, whose parents moved from India in the 90s, happens to be an ardent follower of cricket and admires Sachin Tendulkar. Going by the viral video clip, it’s quite evident that the 24-year-old dentist also comes with a funny bone. And so when Tom asked Theja “Your family is from India, you’re a dentist and your expert subject is Sachin Tendulkar. Are you a cliche?” pat came his reply, “Yes! I get in my Uber at night and own my 7-Eleven during the week”, which left everyone present cracking up.