The Pilion Trust helps the poorest and most vulnerable people. And this trust set up a social experiment just to see if the people of London did actually care for the less fortunate people or not.

This marketing campaign was an amazing attempt to highlight the discrepancies between value and actions that we follow.

A man wearing sign saying ‘Fuck the poor’ was set out to roam out on the streets in broad daylight by the advertising agency Publicis and the whole experiment was secretly taped.And later he flipped the sign with an all together contrasting message. The campaign message is: “We know you care. Please care enough to give.”

The Pilion Trust Ltd is a fundraising body helping improve the lives of the most vulnerable people. They help with different problems such as drugs, homelessness, mental health,learning disabilities, domestic violence etcetera. They offer training to charities working with people from different cultures, providing them with an equal opportunity to all.

Check out the controversial ‘Fuck the poor’ campaign below. Warning: The video contains strong language.