US-TECHNOLOGY-GOOGLE-GLASSIt would be really odd to wear the Google Glass wearable technology while ‘making love’ with your partner but a new app might want to change the perception of those out there to try out a new experience probably similar to what Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone tried in Demolition Man.
If you don’t know what I am talking about, check out the video here.

The technology will be available for the masses later in 2014 but developers seem to have been busy with making a revolutionary app known as ‘Sex with Glass’ that lets you see the most intimate feelings and portrayals by your partner.
First of all, both the parties need to be wearing Google Glass and say, ‘Ok Glass, It’s Time’ to initiate the app. What the app does is connect the devices, yours and your partners Google Glass, where you can see what your partner sees and your partner sees what you see. So, you can try several positions, fantasies and visualizations in an attempt for couples to understand each other’s point of view.
There is no word on how it will work in case you are part of an orgy or when more than two people are involved in a sexual act.
When you are ‘done with it’, you need to say ‘Ok Glass, Pull Out’ which seems like a very apt command unless you are a lesbian without the use of artificial penetrative objects.
For the paranoid, the video formed by the app during the intercourse will get deleted automatically unless it is saved by either of the Google Glass users and the developing company promises that the video will not be hosted anywhere except on the Google Glass devices of the people involved in the act.
Initially, iPhone users can ‘enjoy’ the pleasures of interactive video sex along with the old-fashioned liquid-exchange way but Android users will hopefully get the option of using the app soon as well.