World of Tanks is a multiplayer online game available for the PC and more recently the Xbox 360. It was developed by a Belarusian company. For those of you who lack basic geography skills, Belarus is a small country near Russia.  In World of Tanks, the player is given control of a tank and has to kill enemy tanks or capture an enemy base while co-operating with other players on the same team. The tanks range from early to mid 20th century tanks from America, UK, Germany, Russia, France and Japan. There are various levels of tanks called tiers, which determine the effectiveness of tanks.

The game is free, but players can if they wish pay for certain benefits and tanks. There are different playable vehicles from light,medium and heavy tanks, to tank destroyers and self propelled guns (artillery). WoT currently has 60 million registered users, which is more than 6 times the population of Belarus. There are plans to launch a mobile app for the game in spring this year.

When it comes to graphics this game is excellent, thought graphics can be adjusted accordingly. The game has several maps set in different parts of Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It has several different types of game modes, namely:

1) Random battles- Where gamers fight each other on randomly selected maps.

2) Platoon- Where 2 or 3 players get together and play a random battle.

3) Team training- Where players can train against each other.

4) Team Battles

5) Clan Battles

6) Tournaments

7) Tank Company

This game holds the Guinness World record for most players on an MOG server simultaneously. The vehicles in the game are customizable, purchases can be made through credits called experience points and through silver. Gold needs to be purchased via online payments. has also released a game called World of Warplanes and is in the process of releasing World of Warships. This game is brilliant especially if you love military history and features famous tanks like the Tiger, M4 Sherman, T-34 and Panther.

Note: This game is seriously addictive which is because it is fun, frustrating at times but fun once you get the hang of it. You should definitely give it a try because it’s completely free to download and install. For those of you who aren’t into brilliant historically semi-accurate game you should probably just stick to angry birds or whatever. We guarantee this game will not disappoint.