George Clooney is a Hollywood star that makes everyone go weak in the knees. He is very popular among the ladies and just like Shah Rukh Khan his fan following include ladies of all ages, and if you had any doubts about this fact than this viral picture will reassure you. The photo of a Canadian grandmother meeting George Clooney and mollycoddling the way only a granny can do as he walked the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival has brought a lot of joy to people on the internet. The photo went viral and started a photoshop battle on Reddit. The photo has Ontario resident Elfriede Wolf clutching George Clooney’s hand and cupping his chin and looking into his eyes in a very fondly and grandmotherly way.

Elfriede Wolf told Canada’s Global News that her daughter Brigitte is in love with the Hollywood actor. So when he walked the red carpet and passed in front of her she decides to yell out, “George, my daughter is in love with you.” The elderly woman said that George Clooney was surprised at her words and replied with an, “Oh my God.” George Clooney reached over to clasp her hand and that was when she grabbed his chin. As reported by BBC she said, “He is very handsome, It was over in a moment, I was just so, so taken by that.”

The photo was taken by a Toronto International Film Festival photographer and was posted on its official Twitter account. The photo instantly became viral. The captain that accompanied the photo was also very witty and made everyone smile thinking of their own grandparents and the love that they bestowed upon them. The caption read, “FYI: Your Nonna found George and told him he wasn’t eating enough. George Clooney at the #TIFF17 SUBURBICON premiere.”

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George and Witch

George Clooney was at the Toronto International Film Festival to promote his latest film Suburbicon. George Clooney recently married International Law and Human Rights and barrister Amal Clooney and was recently blessed with twins.