This year it is raining tan in the country. It is due to the exposure to the extreme hot sun that your skin loses its charm.  Along with tanning, sunburn and dryness are some other problems of this season. However there are methods to get rid of it. Here is a list of some natural home remedies.

Wash your face with cold water

After coming home from the hot sun wait for a minute for the sweat to settle, immediately wash your face after that. Using cold water will be preferred as it reduces the heat regained on your face. Trying splashing water into your eyes 4-5 times. After that wipe you face with cotton cloth. (Read: Summer Style: 5 must haves clothing in your wardrobe)

Lemon is the best option

While there are various home remedies to get your skin color back, lemon is the best one. Squeeze lemon and mix it with curd and apply a coat on to your clean face. Preferably apply it at night when you face is calm. The astringent in lemon will fight the bacteria and remove tan. Keep it for half an hour and then wash it off. You can also mix lemon juice with sugar and apply it. Sugar is an excellent cleansing agent which will give faster results. Applying it two to three times a week will make your skin glow.

Rose water will cool off your skin

Apply rose water generously on to your face and neck area. It will help reduce inflammation and redness.  Apply at night before going to bed. Wash it off within 15 minutes for best results.

Want to get positive results in a week, then aloe vera is your savior

Aloe vera will help in lightening your skin within a week. It also helps in cleansing and nourishing your skin. Take the pulp out of it and crush it to make it a paste and then use it. Or else it would be difficult to pack your face with it. You can apply it overnight and wash it thoroughly in the morning.

Cucumbers and potatoes are too cool for summers

Both cucumbers and potatoes cool your skin and reduce tan immediately after applying. Just applying a paste of potato on you affected area also works. Cucumbers can be mixed with lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric powder to give a soothing effect and will help in getting rid of the tan.