Ghost stories and rumours have been haunting our lives from a very long time and the latest addition comes from Mumbai’s Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). The Emergency Services Department employees have complained of paranormal activities in their new second-floor office in The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai office. The headquarters office which is 125-year-old is said to have its own ghost! Chudail from Hyderabad goes viral! See pic of the freaky Ghost in White scare India-Pakistan social media buffs

Employees on the night shift have been complaining about hearing strange noises and constant whispering. The department was originally on the ground floor but was shifted to the second floor of the monumental building following some renovations. The employees have been experiencing this strange haunting experience since the change. The new office is equipped with a video wall as well as CCTV footage and no abnormal activities were noticed on the video footage. UNBELIEVABLE! Ghost caught on camera in Bhangarh! (Watch video).

The employees also believe that the entire shifting is the reason behind these paranormal activities. While some people just heard terrifying noises at night, others felt that there was someone hiding behind the curtains and whispering to them. Following the constant complaints, the BMC officials have held a Vastu pooja to get rid of the ghost. According to a Maharashtra Times report, this puja has helped the employees as the strange noises have not been heard recently. Ghost in white saree scares people on Delhi streets: Watch funny video.

While the paranormal activities itself are rather scary, employees also revealed that the shift was upsetting from a Vastu point of view. In fact, some believe that the number of fire calls in Mumbai has increased drastically ever since the office was shifted to the second floor and this change is also being credited to the BMC ghost. However, nobody can confirm if there really is a ghost in the BMC office!