Imagine this, you’re enjoying a meal at a fun restaurant, when all of a sudden a stream of water hits you in the face!

This actually happened in a Disney restaurant, when a giant aquarium containing all sorts of fish burst. The diners received an unexpected surprise in the middle of dinner, and the incident was even captured on video.

At the T-Rex Cafe in Florida, the aquatic themed area boasts of a huge fish tank. This tank suddenly sent streams of water towards guests, who then rushed for the exits.

It all began when one of the tank’s seams gave way. Following this, water began gushing out in a stream, and then the quantity increased. The failure of the seal caused the leak at first, but then the round aquarium started spewing more water.

The staff at the restaurant acted immediately, and rushed over to escort the patrons out of the area as fast as they possibly could. However, while some complied with the staff, others wanted to catch the incident on their cameras, and waited back.

A patron at the restaurant, Kate Wallace, caught the tank burst on video since she was twenty feet away from it at the time. She also posted a picture of the incident on Twitter within seconds of it happening, Of the people present, she said, “It was craziness. Just kind of people freaking out. It’s not something that you see very often. How do you respond to that?”

According to her, the restaurant workers did their best to get the patrons out and simultaneously work to save the fish inside the tank.

After getting most of the people out of the way, the staff managed the situation effectively, according to Keith Beitler, Senior Vice President Chief Operating Officer of the Specialty Restaurants Division. They began by scooping up all the fish, some one by one, in nets to save them before the tank ran out of water. Then they brought garbage cans and squeegees to help clean up after.

Since the incident, all the marine life in that tank has been moved to other holding tanks. All the fish were believed to have been saved, and the restaurant was thrown open for business the next day.

According to a Disney spokeswoman who commented on the incident later, she called the leak ‘small’. She also added that since then, some fish had been removed from the tank as a precaution, and some of the tables had to be relocated.

Thankfully, there were no injuries to patrons or the staff present at the time when the tank burst. However, those sitting directly below the tank were subjected to a ‘fishy’ shower as they dined. But they took home with them the scent of the sea, literally.