ratDo you have a rat infestation in your house or office? You cringe (when I say you, most us including me cringe) at the sight of a rat running across the road from sewer to sewer. But if the current size of ‘normal’ rodents is able trigger an uncomfortable reflex, what will happen if their size grows to say the size of a big dog or almost a sheep.

According to the University of Leicester, rats will inhabit a ‘significant chunk’ of the planet’s ecosystem.

Now this is freaky!

It was bad enough when cockroaches sprouted wings and took to barely coordinated flights but what’s next with extermination agencies if rats were to become almost half the size of humans?

If you didn’t know about it yet, the biggest rodent in the world is almost twice the size of your normal house cat known as a Capybara. Next in size are Beavers and then the pointy Porcupines.

Now that I think about it, if the trend follows, what if Porcupines grew to be the size of Lions? If the size doesn’t scare the blood off your face, a pointy back end of a Porcupine through your heart will certainly make human extinction a bigger possibility.