British Airways ad

Is it really true to that you have to go further to get closer to someone you loved immensely? Many would echo a yes. The British Airways in it online marketing promotions talking talks about how the love can be brought back by going far away alone leaving the daily works behind.The idea behind this short film is to engage the minds of young audience and celebrate the beautiful journey called – marriage.

The story of a married couple for three years, Sumit Gupta and Chetna, is what most of the couples in our society would relate to. An arranged marriage followed up by daily intrusions leave no time for the couple to know more about each other in the Indian families. Ask those married couple for whom falling and expressing love with in joint family is a task. Do you feel that you love him but do not know him. There is a distance between you and him which leaves you sad and frustrated.

Watch the under five minute film by British Airways which is beautiful, make you cry at long and smile at the same time, when you realize the need to be go far way – only you and her.