Goa is a haven for tourists and every young couple or a group of friends like to go to the state and just chill for a few carefree days. But what if the sunny picture of the state that is pictured in the popular culture gets shattered by one incident? In our country sometimes doing your job and sticking to rules can prove detrimental to your health. Sometimes they pose a catch 22 situation and something similar happened with DJ Ashwin Alvares a famous karaoke DJ who was playing at the Goodman Restaurant in Colva. He was brutally and cruelly beaten up by six people for refusing to play the songs of their choice after permissible hours. A Facebook post shared by Goa Events Entertainment Management Association (GEEMA) yesterday morning has gone viral because it shared the brutally beaten images of DJ Ashwin Alvares and names a local resident “Freddy” as the main culprit.

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According to the Facebook post, Freddy is the owner of Shalom Restaurant in Assolna, Goa. He was at Goodman along with a few of his friends and at around 11.30 pm the group requested a song to be played. Now, DJ Ashwin Alvares had already played quite a few numbers of their choice but stopped doing that because he had other guests to oblige so he politely declined as he needed to finish playing the songs of other guests before 12 am, the permissible time to play music. However, this did not go down too well with Freddy and his gang of bouncers and they started threatening and intimidating DJ Ashwin who stood his ground and did not give heed to their threats. He packed up at 12 am.

As DJ Ashwin Alvares was loading up his car one of the attackers, Anthony shut the car and knocked his equipment right out of his hands and called his friends to surround him. Freddy, who was on a power trip and wanted to show his friends from Mumbai that he is a goon in Colva punched the DJ on the nose thereby breaking it. His friends also attacked DJ Ashwin. Ashwin escaped and ran back to the restaurant where the other guests intervened and held off the attackers. The goons even went a step further by going to Colva police and complaining that DJ Ashwin attacked Anthony.

A guest at the restaurant who happened to be a nurse patched up DJ Ashwin’s nose while he waited to for the ambulance to take him to Hospicio Hospital. This morning GEEMA shared another post on their Facebook page stating that they have taken legal action against Freddy and his goons and have lodged an FIR. According to their latest post some 81,000 have seen their posts and expressed anger on the deeds of the miscreants.
DJ Ashwin Alvares shared a Facebook post too where he thanked the people who helped him and also expressed his desire to get back to performing once he is better.

We hope that the perpetrators and the miscreants are justly punished and justice is served swiftly and fairly so that there is some semblance of fear and respect is restored to the laws and judiciary. It is high time that common people are not bogged down by powerful and rich people but get the justice that they truly deserve.