Goat Simulator

Have you ever looked at a goat and thought to yourself, “Man, I wish I was a goat for a day.” So you’ve been jealous of a goat’s life, because they don’t have to work, and can simply laze around?

Well, you’re wrong. Goats actually have a lot to do. And you can do these things too, thanks to a new game called ‘Goat Simulator’.

This is not a joke – it is an actual game. And your character in the game is a goat. Once you’ve begun playing, you will be subjected to a series of circumstances where you can fully execute your classic goat-like behavior.

The aim of the game is simple – cause as much of a mayhem as you possibly can. So get your horns ready, because the activities involves tearing up the farm that you live in, as well as blowing up cars and even tankers. Your goat character can even disrupt protests, and roll huge boulders on people.

So how do you score points? Well, by destroying everything you can see. Points are also attained when you cause chaos. There are also bonus points allotted to you for doing some stunts like bouncing off a trampoline and doing a flip – something that nobody knew goats could do. But if it’s in the game, it’s probably true, right?

A combination of stunts and destruction earns you a ‘score multiplier’ – which means that a sure shot way to earn maximum points would be to ram blindly into anything that would be classified as an obstacle. And you can, because you’re a goat!

Your goat character also has a superpower of sorts: its tongue. Besides being able to lick things, your tongue stretches to infinite lengths! It is also capable of launching objects, and even people, into the horizon.

So do you just keep licking and ramming into things the whole time? No, you’ll also have to complete some very difficult missions. These include tasks like ‘score some points’ and ‘throw something really far’ amongst other daunting tasks. If these missions do not scare you, then you must be a goat expert, or even better, A GOAT. Seriously, though, these missions are relatively easy to complete.

But completing the game is not the only motive for anyone playing Goat Simulator. There are awesome ‘Golden Goat’ collectibles that are hidden in different parts of the game. Among these, the highlight is a transformation collectible that changes you into a ‘goat of Satan’.

Besides the regular goat character available in the game, there are many ‘goat modifiers’ that can be unlocked when the game is played in custom mode.

So how does the game score, as a game itself. To be honest, it is a fairly okay game in terms of execution. It does have its share of glitches. But that’s where the criticism ends, because as a concept, absurd as it may seem, Goat Simulator is brilliant. Taking the life of a goat to an extreme new level, it transforms the world into a playground for the goat, where it can do almost anything it like, even if it means just catapulting around the place.

Though the game does not have much to do in it besides the funny aspect of goats being the focus, the pricing of 8 euros is a little steep. But if you do love goats and long for a game that will be you laugh at the same time, then go for it. The game is available for purchase on Steam.