There can nothing be cuter than this today! While the internet continues to amaze me with the varied kind of people and the generosity that exist within them, never have I come across someone so thoughtful. A man made a wheelchair for his goldfish which had an incurable bladder disorder to help it swim again. Needless to say, the internet couldn’t stop praising the man’s effort that helps his goldfish swim again. Derek who is the inventor of the device works in an aquarium was presented with the fish by a customer. Due to the condition, the fish could not swim and would topple to the bottom of the fish tank every time Derek brought it to the surface of the water. It is a styrofoam attached to a string that helps the goldfish swim like other fish.

After Derek made the wheelchair he sent it to his vlogger friend who is ‘a full-time animal pet mom’. Taylor Dean shared the photo of the goldfish with Derek’s message on Twitter and it went viral in no time. And I have to say the internet fall in love with the little fish. Later Taylor also shared a photo of the fish with the title “more comfortable wheelchair”. Animals in Kenyan National Park have a caring friend who drives for hours to provide water!

Here is what she tweeted:

She also posted a health update of the fish:

The goldfish got a better wheelchair. Here is the picture:

This is how the goldfish wears its wheelchair:

After the pictures went viral, people with fish across the world sought help from Derek to know how the wheelchair is made. Derek was praised for his effort and letting even a fish live on its own. Here are some of the tweets:

While some of them wanted Derek to teach them how to make a ‘fish wheelchair’ others asked him to market his idea. Twitterati who were amazed by Derek’s idea is glad that he took the effort to let a fish lead a normal life.