The American giant has created a unique interactive doodle of the Rubik’s Cube to celebrate its 40th birthday. The Rubik’s Cube was initially known as the Magic Cube when it was invented in 1974 by Hungarian architecture professor Erno Rubik.

Six years later it was relaunched as the Rubik’s Cube and it has since it sold an estimated 350 million worldwide.

Google has made an iconic illustration of the cube which makes it possible for the visitors to solve the cube online. Fun Fact: The fastest time it has taken for a human to solve the puzzle is 5.55 seconds.

But the issue is solving this brain teasing toy. Not many people are aware of simple tricks that one can use to solve this complicated puzzle. Hence, we give you all simple tactics and strategies that can be applied to solve the cube:

First, the basics need to be clear. There are three parts of a Rubik’s cube.

1. The Edge pieces: Pieces with two colors. There are twelve edge pieces located in the middle row.

2. The Corner pieces: There are 8 corner pieces and they have 3 colors/sides to them

3. Center Pieces: these are the pieces in the center of each face of the cube. They have only one color and do not move. Since these do not move, they determine the color of that face.

ruvik cube solution

Secondly, one must remember that no matter how the colours are mixed, if you hold your thumb and forefinger on opposite center pieces, you will know which colour appears opposite of another on the cube, eg. if left center is blue then right center must be green. ( P.S. This may alter from one cube to another as each of them are constructed in different ways)

Once this is known, you can view the link and follow the step by step video to to become a grand master to solve the cube. Now you will not have to remove the stickers or break the cube to just get the arrangement perfect.