When was the last time you checked your Orkut account? Orkut probably shows the year, right? Google has finally picked up on the abysmal ignorance of the once thriving social media platform and has declared that Orkut will seize to exist after September 30, 2014. If you did have an account on Orkut and need to get data off of your account before Orkut’s time is over, you can access your account and retrieve data till September 2016.

Orkut will continue to function as it is till September 30 and users can export their posts, pictures, profile data and all other information connected to their profiles using Google Takeout.

Orkut, for those who are unaware, was Google’s first attempt at making a social media network. It was never as big or popular as Twitter or Facebook but it was the first social network to take Indian and Brazilian users by storm till Facebook managed to become bigger and more popular than Orkut in 2012.