What if Twitter gave away awards to best troller? We are sure international chef Gordon Ramsay would win it with no competition. He is known for being the insult king on television and Twitter alike. And if you would still like to still go for it tag him with a picture of a dish you made. Be ready for the most creative and innovative insults from the most vocal food critic on social networking sites ever. And one such time he took to review pictures of dishes posted on Instagram by celebrities and was at his savage best. From Hollywood to Bollywood none could be saved from Gordon’s eye for detail.  The victims of his lambasting including everyone from internet’s favorite Chrissy Teigen to Priyanka Chopra. And don’t you forgot he gave birth to a whole new set of jokes and memes on the internet.

Ramsay is popularly known for trolling people on social networking sites for their dishes. So if you want to laugh at your own expense go ahead! So this session of Gordon’s food reviewing happened on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, host Andy Cohen. Among dishes of Chrissy Teigen and Martha Stewart Andy showed him a picture of khichdi and chicken soup of Priyanka Chopra. And know what Ramsay had to say? “I mean, it looks like a dog’s dinner.” Looking at Chrissy’s plate of meatballs in a split hot bun he said, “It looks disgusting as if a seagull shit all over it.” British Chef Gordon Ramsay was asked to review dishes on Twitter and it was all kinds of brutal!

Watch the full video here:

It seems like Priyanka had cooked it for her Quantico co-star Yasmine Al Massri when she was ill. Her friend Instagrammed the picture of khichdi and chicken soup saying, “That’s khichdi and chicken soup. Both amazing for an illness and the soul.. I hope u feel better soon. Miss u.. #Repost @jazmasri with @repostapp. I lov u @priyankachopra .. Good friends drop soup at your house when u are sick”.