Recently, a selfie of a couple is going viral for all right reasons. In the picture, there are three faces, out of which one is a nightmare. The guy took a selfie with his girlfriend in a beautiful location in the background and posted the scary picture on Reddit. This selfie has caught the Internet by storm, and there is something fishy about the picture. The Reddit user Judd Jasper shared the bizarre picture on the website on Sunday. He stated that his phone Samsung Galaxy S7 which has a camera setting that requires the person to sit still while clicking the pictures. But the picture is all over the internet, and people cannot get over this viral image.

The guy captioned the picture as ““My phone has a wide selfie feature similar to a panorama. You need to sit still for it to work. My girlfriend sneezed, and this happened”. He explained why his ladylove looked possessed in this scary picture. The photograph was a timed picture, however, ended up getting viral on the Internet and generating a lot of laughs. “Me on the inside vs me on the outside when someone makes me take a selfie,” wrote one Reddit user. “She looks like one of those happy/sad double face theatre masks,” “How’s it to date a Siamese twin?,” asked another.

Awful #panoramafail!


In the picture, his girlfriend is posing in front of Hungary’s Parliament wherein she has two heads. In one of which she is smiling while in the other she makes a strange face. On her side, JuddJasper was all smiling while posing by her side. The guy took the wide selfie option which works like Panorama, and the phone captures a set of images to make the wide-angle picture. But sadly, JuddJasper’s girlfriend sneezed mid-shot due to which her head moved and changed her facial expression. Hence, the final image shows her mid-sneeze face and her happy camera all set face in one frame. ‘We’re on vacation in Budapest, and I couldn’t even enjoy the scenery at parliament because of the tears,’ he wrote.

A few months back, a scary selfie of a couple went viral on social media and people were shocked seeing it. In the picture, a face looking at the camera from the back of the girl’s head shocked several people, but later on, people understood that it was a clear case of photoshop. The picture appeared on and was shared by @itsthemans shared on Twitter. Well, so if now you come across any strange or scary picture, you must understand that another panorama photography has gone terribly wrong.