You have troubling tress issues? Chop it off or keep it? What cut should you prefer? And you have planned to chop off your mane this summer to wear a ridiculously amazing hair style! Don’t get worried of the outcome. If you are contemplating for a while whether to cut your hair or not you should ask these questions to yourself before heading to your hair stylist.

What was your best hair day about?

You all might have had that one or many best hair days. What was it the shiny mane or the perfect curls that got you compliments? Ponder over what you liked most about your hair that day. You should always work with your stylist to bring out those strong points and a look that enhances what you have, rather than rebelling against it just for the sake of the trending new looks. What you have naturally will always be flattering. (Read: Eyeglass Guide: Perfect glasses for you face shape)

What is your hair flaw?

Hair in different texture, lengths, style and color are susceptible to at least one hair problem at some point of time. So you always whine about “My hair is too flat, frizzy, dull and lifeless etcetera”, instead of whining you need to check out how you could work on it. Few other common problems are grey hair, greasy hair, split ends and hair loss. So the next time you visit the stylist put across your main concerns why you feel you want to chop your hair off.

Can you afford a long term commitment to the new haircut?

Some trendy cuts need frequent trimming to keep up the shape of your hair style, and some other cuts need minimal after care routine with just twice a year visit to the salon. So the more shorter the more maintenance it needs to keep it looking good. And when hair is longer with a few layers you need not rush to the salon often.

Are you willing to sacrifice the few extra minutes of sleep?

If your shelf is stacked with several hair products and tools you might need to sacrifice you sleep a little bit more to carry off the new look. Make sure your stylist understands your needs and how much of time and energy you can squeeze in to devote to your hair styling regime everyday

Who is your hair crush?

Your hairstylist would love to look at the picture you bring in for inspiration. Even if he celebrity you have a hair crush on would not be sporting a realistic hair do, the stylist might get a clear view of how you want yours. Sexy or classy? Elegant? Or free form? The picture would give a sense of overall aesthetic that appeal to your taste. So flip through the glossies for your best muse.