Ian Fleming’s Birthday:

Today the 28th of May is the 106th birth anniversary of one of the greatest writers of the modern era, Ian Fleming. Fleming was born in 1908 in England and is famous worldwide due to his James Bond novels. The James Bond novels were so good that it resulted in a series of 25 movies on James Bond played by some of the greatest actors of the day. The James Bond series is one of the longest running movie franchises in history the first one  (Dr. No) being released in 1962 fifty years before the most recent movie Skyfall (2012) , to date seven actors have played James Bond, the most mentionable being Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. While Fleming is most noteworthy for James Bond, he himself had a rather interesting life. He was a Naval Intelligence officer in Britain during World War 2. The Bond series of books have sold over 100 million copies world wide making them one of the best selling books in history.

The first book called Casino Royal hit the shelves in 1953. Despite Fleming’s death in 1964 his work has lived on and he continues to remain a popular author. Since Fleming’s death several other writers have continued the James Bond series. Fleming himself wrote 12 novels and 2 sets of short stories, some of his most popular books are,

Casino Royal (1953)

Live and Let Die (1954)

From Russia with Love (1957)

The Spy who Loved me (1962)

You Only Live Twice. (1964)