One of the most talented actors in Hollywood till date, Bill Paxton is also the most under-rated. However, the star has worked in many impressive movies, and enhanced characters that he has played to such an extent that he establishes himself as one of the best actors out there. On his birthday, we put together a list of his top five movies. Take a look. (Read: Bob Saget Birthday) 

5.  Apollo 13 (1995)

This movie is very important to Paxton’s career, since it had other talented actors in it as well. This made sure that it got noticed – but Paxton, who played astronaut Fred Haise, commanded attention for his performance even then. This was also probably the first movie where he actually was noticed as an actor. His strong performance made the audience identify with him, and his personality was extremely likeable as well.

4.  Twister (1996)

This particular film centredaround tornado chasers, who are essentially people who think that it’s cool to chase death because it’s fun. Anyway, the movie was a huge commercial success, and this can largely be attributed to Paxton’s role as Bill Harding, a quirky thrill-seeker.

3.  True Lies (1994)

Here, Paxton played Simon, a used car salesman who manages to convince someone that he is an international spy. From the movie, it is clear that Paxton had a lot of fun filming it, since it was a comedic part, and he also was required to change his look to a rather eccentric one.

2.  A Simple Plan (1998)

Paxton channels another tremendous role in this film, where he plays Hank, the owner of a store in a small town. His character is shown to be extremely down-to-earth, and practical. When he, along with two of his partners, finds a huge sum of money, he tries to reason with them,  even as he is tempted to take the money too. The entire performance was spot-on, as far as Paxton’s character was concerned.

1.  Aliens (1986)

Though this particular film has been brilliantly directed by James Cameron, and all the actors in it put up stellar performances, nothing is nearly as amazing as Paxton. Nobody has since surpassed the sheer quality of acting that he has displayed in this movie. In ‘Aliens’, Paxton plays a Marine named Hudson. Initially, he is supposed to be funny and brave, but later he is projected as someone who is as afraid as the others, even though he is supposed to be ‘hardcore’. True, he did not win an Academy Award for his role, but was undoubtedly the most memorable actor for a long time, after Aliens.