International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world on May 12 every year, and it’s also Florence Nightingale’s birth anniversary. Even though far superior as a doctor’s aide, nurses are also one of the most respected ones in their professional career for their passion and perseverance.

International Nurses Day is celebrated to appreciate the contribution of nursing professionals to the health of people and society.

On a lighter note, we share with you some interesting (and quite funny) situations that nurses deal with every day. It has been perfectly portrayed in a mashup of these commercials. The video is a compilation of ads for the brands Kamasutra, Zip, Suva, Panda Cheese and Levi’s that show some funny and some sexist ways of looking at nurses.

Check out the outrageously funny side of the on-the-job experience of a nurse. And like the video says, ‘If you know a nurse, thank them for their hard work! Share this video with them to lighten their day!’