Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers of the world and Google has joined in wishing the biggest support of our lives, our mothers, on Mother’s Day 2014. The Google Doodle for Mother’s Day is fairly simple and isn’t interactive but the simple picture portrays a billion messages of love for mothers, mums, moms, ammi, amma, mamma or any other name that we may call our mother.

The Google Doodle has a little boy on a tricyclye, a young girl on a cycle and their mother in the middle. All the letters are pretty simple in text but the second ‘g’ in Google is a mixture of the letter and the mother’s helmet.

The kids and the mother wear helmets to signify the importance of safety insisted upon by mothers and capes to show that they should never limit their abilities to only that what meets the eyes but excel for great heights in life and everybody who strives for it can be ‘super’ and doesn’t need a cape to show how great they are or can be.

The doodle salutes the spirit of motherhood and the rock solid support system that our mothers have been in our life and how vital a role they play in nurturing us in the vulnerable years of our lives to mould us into the positive and contributing members of society that we are or can become one day.

We all love our mothers and the Google Doodle just shows that Google shares our love for mothers too.