The TroubleSeekerTeam is a group of people based in Delhi who make hidden camera prank jokes and upload them on YouTube. Just recently, they took up a social initiative to see how the public would react if they saw someone being a victim of racism in a public place.

In this five-minute video, they managed to capture people’s reactions to a man calling a woman ‘Chinki’ and throwing other racist remarks at her. She seemed to be hailing from a North East Indian background. ‘Chinki’ is a common slur used to discriminate among Indians on the basis of their facial features.

The video goes on, as the public passes by while completely ignoring the plight of the woman going through the racial harassment by the man. It is only later that they reveal a bunch of people who try to intervene and stop the man from harassing the woman any further.

At the end of the video, the man and woman are seen clarifying to the public that they were being filmed as subjects of a social experiment.

The aim of the video, according to the TroubleSeekerTeam, is not to see how many good or bad people we have but to inspire people to take action against racism. The video has received more than a million views in a matter of a week. The number keeps increases as the days pass by.

You can watch the video here: