Remember the Hyderabad cop who dances at traffic signal paving the way to motorists? Here is another one, a traffic marshal who is grabbing eyeballs for controlling traffic with his dance moves in Kolkata. 59-year-old Ashok Gupta from Kolkata is popular at Eco Park gate 4 signal on Biswa bangla Sarani for his dance. And know what the hardworking man is at it from 8 am to 8 pm six days a week. Also, Chala jata hun kisike dhun mein is a song that can make him dance at any time of the day.

A Kishore Kumar fan, Ashok has been a private security agency for the past 10 years. He told Times of India that once when he was at work he felt really low but Kishore Kumar’s music lifted up his spirits. Since then he has been dancing to it to stay happy. He was quoted saying, “While managing traffic in Ballygunge on a day around seven years ago, I felt really low. Then I heard my favourite Kishore Kumar song being played at a roadside shop. The song, coupled with the dance moves I visualized, boosted my mood in just seconds! That was the day when I decided to stay happy by following my heart. And I don’t think I dance like a madman. Every day, I carry to work a fully charged mobile phone with 460 popular songs from the golden era.” Ran out of petrol? Hyderabad Traffic Police ASI Syed Merajuddin will come to your rescue!

Watch his video here:

He poses for selfies with at least 20 people every day from schoolkids to office-goers. Kids even dance with him at times. While his family was earlier not happy about it as they thought he was ruining the family’s reputation, but later agreed to his wishes. His videos on Facebook have hundreds of likes and comments. They just want him to careful while on the road. (Image Credits- The Times of India)