Students at a women’s college in Troy, New York can purchase and engrave a brick which has now become a physical part of the campus. At Russell Sage College buying and engraving bricks have become a part of every student’s campus life. As per the school’s website students engrave names, memorable dates, class years, small graphics and more. And one such brick at the college has grabbed limelight of students and alumni alike. The message on the brick reads, “Long live the lesbians 1995!” The brick came to centre attention after the someone took to the internet with a picture of it. A post on Tumblr read, “I go to a women’s college. We have walkway where bricks can be purchased by alumnae. Most just say names or class years/mascots. But this one. This one is special. It speaks to me.”

The photo has been shared over 300,000 times and is spreading on various social networking sites. Although it was posted three years ago it recently gained momentum on the internet. BuzzFeed quoted Lisa Eytel, the Russel Sage as saying, “My friends and I loved that brick during our days at Sage. So much, in fact, many of us had used it as our background on Facebook or our phones for a while and it created a running joke in our friend group.” Eytel, who graduated from the school in 2014, posted the photo to her Tumblr account after a friend texted it to her as she had recently come out herself. Talking about the picture Eytel said, “For the past few years, the post would get regular likes or reblogs, but all of a sudden a few months ago it blew up.” Lucknow had its first Pride Parade and the pictures are diverse, colourful and truly represent the LGBTIQA community!

Here is the post that is doing rounds on the internet:

Long Live The Lesbians

About three months ago the photo was again shared on an LGBT page on Facebook. Here is the photo:

After the picture went viral the original bricklayer Russell Sage named Rebecca Borello came forward. She told BuzzFeed that ‘love live lesbians’ had become an inside joke in her friend’s groups. She was quoted as saying, “That year there was a slew of things that were written on people’s whiteboards outside their dorm rooms. They had gone around and written a lot of derogatory, really immature stuff. At one point I kind of screamed out, ‘Long live the lesbians!’ and everything went silent as I was raising my voice. Everyone cracked up laughing.” The school’s Office of Communications and Marketing told BuzzFeed, “All bricks are installed, as long as the comments are not offensive or defamatory in any way.” (Image Credits- BuzzFeed)