A horrifying and gory video has emerged on Facebook that shows a venomous water snake flashing its fangs and writhing on the floor as its head had been cut off. The clip that has gone viral on Facebook shows the deadly black moccasin, also known as a cottonmouth snake looked as if it’s still alive. After a couple of minutes the nerve endings of the snake which was still transmitting impulses dies out and the snake stops moving. Jill-Scott Mollett posted the video on her Facebook page of the still-moving decapitated snake. In her post, she wrote: “So the girls found a cottonmouth water moccasin today, in our flower bed of all places. We didn’t have a knife close to us, so Avery chopped its head off with some tree loppers. The girls’ favorite part was when the head kept trying to bite stuff for a few minutes after it was chopped off its body. #CountryLivingAtItsFinest.”

The video has fueled various responses on social media with quite a few venting out their outrage over the horrific killing. One user wrote a scathing comment, “I hope your children grow to be better adults then you are attempting to raise them.” However there were some who took a more sympathetic view and commented, “’I don’t think a lot of you are comprehending how dangerous those snakes are..? Just put yourselves in their position for a second. If your child came across a snake in your yard that could put them in a hospital are you really going to just going to leave the snake alone?” Tuna Fish Sliced In Half Refusing To Die Captured in Viral Video (Watch)

Watch the horrifying video here:

Although no one was harmed in the killing of the snake but wildlife removal experts warn against people taking matters into their hands and using garden implements as they might not be effective and certainly not humane and is also very dangerous way of dealing with the snake. The snake might resort to self-defense and may bite in turn, which is how most snake bites occur. The safest course of action is to call someone from wildlife removal service. “Keep your grass short and your gardens maintained,” say experts at Wildlife Removal USA. “Do not leave any piles of debris in the lawn. If a snake can hide under it, it will.” Pet turtle microwaved to death by Boston girl, posts shocking before after pictures online

Black Moccasin or cottonmouth snakes are highly venomous and their bite can leave scars and in rare occasions might require an amputation. However death from a bite is rare. The snake does not possess an aggressive demeanor but it might pose a challenge if it feels threatened.