With the month of May coming to an end we as a country are faced with an old enemy, the monsoon. The rains are due to hit us any time during the first week of June but are expected to be less heavy thanks to El Nino, but even “not so heavy” rain in India is still more than most places. The monsoon though romantic and beautiful gets annoying beyond a certain point. Here’s a list of things to do to make sure the monsoon is more or less bearable:

1) Don’t live in Mumbai- Mumbai clearly has one of the worst experiences with rain in the country, if you really hate monsoons you best not live in Mumbai. If may like the rain, but the rain doesn’t like you.

2) Wear boots- Though boots haven’t been in fashion since the 40s, there’s nothing worse than having wet feet, boots may be uncomfortable but at least they keep your feet dry of water, sweat not so much.

3) Carry an Umbrella- There’s nothing more classy than carrying an umbrella, especially when it’s monsoon.

4) Don’t wear socks- There’s nothing worse than having to wear wet socks, except maybe a biblical plague, but this comes pretty close. In the monsoon you can expect to have very wet socks which will in turn result in smelly feet. Still find it romantic?

5) Close your windows at all time: This won’t really help in the highly likely event of a flood, but it will save you a lot of time and money. Rain water can easily enter your house through the open windows and make a nasty mess, if that wasn’t bad enough the rain will also drive nasty bugs like house flies and mosquitoes and if you’re really unlucky, bluebottle flies.