It’s Saturday but the Twitterati and Facebook users were still chatting about Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Roshan’s separation. Hrithik on his part shared an emotional message on his Facebook page as an afterthought to his official statement to the media. Others who tweeted were Narendra Modi, Justin Bieber, Amitabh Bachchan and many more.

Hrithik Roshan (on Facebook):

This is my greatest tribute to love. Sussanne is and always will be the love of my life for the rest of my life. If her smiles are brighter without me my love for her must accomplish that. Unconditional.

Aam Aadmi Party: 32>28. 32 asks 28 to take responsibility, says it will support. 28 says clarify stand on issues for support. 32 says “You are arrogant”.Huh?

Kamaal R Khan – KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan: Sir @ArvindKejriwal I am staying in delhi for 17 years now but don’t have water connection in my house so will you help me sir?

Derek O’Brien ‏@quizderek: Zubin Mehta,Leander Paes,Mukesh Ambani all thank their fathers at #NDTV25 Global Living Legends.Vikram Seth thanks his parents #justsaying

Justin Bieber ‏@justinbieber: BIG NEWS!!! Wrote another smash this week! Want you to have it! Making it a Christmas gift and moving…

Yaami Gautam: Hi guys. I am taking a sabbatical from FB/twitter. I am not going to be back anytime sooner , but have been extremely overwhelmed by the love & support you all have showered.And please continue doing the same.Lots of love &wishes to you all.  

Debasri ‏@debasri7 – Harper Collins: NDTV honours the top 25 living legends of India and includes Vikram Seth as an afterthought. Vikram delivers the sharpest, wittiest speech of all. Why are writers not given enough recognition compared to painters, actors, singers in either national or private award ceremonies? #thinkingaloud #ndtv25

Narendra Modi ‏@narendramodi: Have shared some thoughts on Statue of Unity Movement. You can call on 0 80009 80009 to hear.

Amitabh Bachchan: FB 428 – The ad., shoot for ICICI Bank on the roof of Mumbai ..kite flying … had not done this since Allahabad days … days of youth and carefree demeanour ..