A photograph of a Hyderabad police officer doing rounds on social media for all the right reasons. Kukatpally traffic police station Home Guard B Gopal can be seen feeding a homeless woman who was starving. For the past three days, Gopal has been seeing the woman sitting near a tea stall at JNTU in Kukatpally under the sun. When Gopal again came to JNTU for a duty during the visit of Home Minister, he noticed the lady again sitting under the sun.

Moved by her pathetic condition, Gopal purchased puris and fed her as she appeared too weak even to eat on her own.

The picture shared on Twitter by Harsha Bhargavi, chief public relations officer to Telangana DGP is going viral with netizens applauding the heartening gesture. The post has since been shared over 350 times and liked by over 700 people. Harsha captioned, “This gesture of Kukatpally traffic PS Home Guard B.Gopal (1275) towards a homeless woman by feeding her at JNTU shakes the heart”.

Take a look:

Gopal’s kind gesture has won him a lot of praise on Twitter.

Harsha Bhargavi later posted that the old woman is shifted to the old age home.